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Hi, my name is Lucas Neumann.

I'm a designer with a generalist background, constantly working to increase the quality of people’s experiences with the services, physical and digital products they encounter every day.

I'm currently building the new generation of brazilian financial services with Nubank, spreading pedestrian wayfinding with Mapa Daqui, and fostering brazilian product design with Projeto Feito.

In the past I have worked at FutureBrand, Insitum, Kano Computing and Our Cities Network.

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A platform for empowering activism and urban causes


A device that helps people achieve work and life balance

Energy Bill

Redesigning the only touchpoint costumers have with their energy provider


An exhibition and experience for reflecting about time

Novo Minhocão

Finding a voice for the Brazilian 'High-line' in São Paulo


A global movement for sharing books with strangers

Mapa Daqui

Collaborative wayfinding system for pedestrian in public spaces


A website to connect musicians, instruments and bands


Homeware brand that connects young designers, fabricators, and buyers

Festool Radio

hA radio for the specific scenario of construction sites


A bike designed for sharing


A new way to deal with passenger waste in aircrafts


A taxi service designed for ride sharing