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Current obsessions: Philosophy & UX Writing.

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Today —

Working as a product designer at Nubank.

Nubank is the first Sequoia Capital backed company in Brazil. Since 2016, I've been helping them fight banking complexity and empower people to regain control over their financial lives.


Nubank 2016–today

Building a banking system from the ground up. I'm part of the design team responsible for the end-to-end Nubank user experience, touching everything from user research, to product design, and a little coding.

Nossas Cidades 2015–2017

I was the single product designer during the process to launch BONDE.ORG, on online platform that allows for activists to build the online presence of their causes and pressure government for change.

Airbus 2014–2017

A 3-year long journey to design and prototype a patent-pending trolley system for garbage recycling in commercial airlines. From the times I used to do industrial design stuff.

Redbull 2016

I was awarded a Redbull scholarship to work for four months on Mapa Daqui, an online platform for collaborative, citizen-led wayfinding systems for urban centers.

Insitum 2015

I worked with clients such as Natura and Bosch on country-wide field user research efforts and design workshops for various undisclosed projects.

Kano 2014

I worked with Kano as they prepared to ship their first child-friendly, modular computer after their 1 million pound kickstarter campaign. I contributed to making the onboarding experience, UI and copywriting as on-the-spot as possible for first-time users.

Futurebrand 2012

I worked with big brands such as Nestle, Garoto, Boticário and BRfoods on branding and packaging design.


Fast Company 2016

Meet Bossy, A Cute Desktop Assistant That Wants You To Be A Better Worker

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Wired 2016

Work 2.0: A Web-Connected Sticky Note That Bosses You Around

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Dezeen 2016

For Play is a sex design exhibition without any dildos

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Folha de São Paulo 2016

Projeto espalha mapas com pontos de interesse nos bairros paulistanos

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Estadão 2015–2017

SP tem nova tribo: os ‘hackers urbanos’

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Catraca livre 2015–2017

Projeto colaborativo espalha mapas com sugestões de passeios, bares e eventos em SP

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I became a designer by chance (almost enrolled in architecture), but couldn't be happier about what I do everyday. (My architect girfriend fills the role much, much better).


In the past I've avoided code, but more recently I've decided to take a deep dive, and I've been truthfully enjoying it. I'm mostly building small projects with Express.js, Node.js, and prototyping with Framer.


I was thaught generalist, process-guided design skills in a modernist-inspired design school. This approach was very important to the way I see and practice design today.


I will probably go off to study psychology, cog-sci, or behaviour economics somewhere in the future.


My first design job was designing chocolate packaging. I worked so hard I knew Nestle's milk chocolate recipe by hart. In three languages.

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