This was a project in which I wanted to explore the improvement of everyday life through the creation of habits and new behaviours. I looked at trends in how people are working today and how they will work in the future, time management strategies, habit formation, micro-interactions, and future technologies. The result is Bossy, a device to help flexible workers be more effective, healthy and balanced in their daily lives.

I deeply believe that putting more design effort in small things like this can make life significantly less painful for all of us.

“I set myself strict rules, including time to stop, watch a movie, socialize, and cook. It’s the kind of rule that set you free.”

— Disorganised Interviewee, 24

“Sometimes I stop what I’m doing to relax and play some guitar, but I feel guilty. I know I should be working instead. I feel like I needed someone to give me permission.”

— Organised Interviewee, 23


I knew from the beginning that I wanted to keep the product simple in this one. First, because the research pointed to the fact that being organised also means having less, but better stuff. I wanted to make something that I'd have to craft the details in order to bring it alive. Something with and understated excellence, with complexity in its simplicity.


Because the chosen shape was so simple, I had to dive in the details to make this thing look pretty. I made lots of models to determine the right proportions, angles, and curves. I started with blue foam for general dimensions, and moved on to 3D printing when it came to details such as the curvature of the screen.

Bossy helps you in every step to a better balance

It is not about being a productivity freak, but achieving a more balanced lifestyle. Bossy helps you organize and be focused in what you need to do, so you can enjoy more of your quality time, while taking care of your health & well being at the same time.

Understood self

The very first step to a better daily life is to assess and acknowledge our own patterns. Bossy measures every information while you work so you can see your progress.

Creating new habits

The gamified experience makes it easy to change rusty behaviours

Human + machine cooperation

Technology has been getting smarter fast. Things like sensors, quantified self devices, big data and the Internet of things will bring many possibilities for the creation of machines that actually help us be better humans.

Designed as a student at Central Saint Martins, London

Individual work