Lucas N.Lucas Neumann

Product designer at Petal, in New York.
I've been helping companies cultivate customer understanding, design useful and empowering products, and grow healthy, productive design teams.

Nubank Account

A bank account to empower.

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Nubank Rewards

A loyalty program for today.

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Kano Computing

UX for a computer that teaches children to code.

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An honest shop for good local design.

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A smart assistant to help balance work & life.

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Our Cities Network

A CMS for activists and causes.

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Mapa Daqui

Open-source platform for collaborative urban wayfinding.

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Basile Candles

Identity and packaging for natural, home-made candles.

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GoldenArt website

Updating a 30-year-old company's web presence.

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Get in touch

Feel free to shoot me an email , which I check more often than social media. When I need a dopamine fix, I usually check Twitter and Instagram. Dribbble is where I shoot pretty images that solve zero real problems. Check Linkedin to see my full CV.